We know the risk and concern associated with COVID19 won't just go away. Our cleaning routine is very thorough and eco/pet friendly, but we realize the "safe" cleaners may no longer be enough. We needed a way to help our clients (and our self!) feel more comfortable and cleanly without hurting the pets or environment with harmful chemicals or endless amounts of waste produced by paper towels or wipes.

We are very excited to add UV Sanitation to our mobile spas!

We are adding a UV box and wand to each van. These quick and powerful cleaning tools are scientifically and lab proven to remove 99.9% of even the most resistant bacteria, viruses, germs, mold, bed bugs, salmonella, e coli, canine kennel cough, canine influenza, feline calicivirus, the eggs of fleas, lice and dust mites, bad odors (and more!) and can reach the smallest crevices that cleaning wipes can't.

How will they be used for our vans and clients?

The boxes: 

-tools such as blades, combs and brushes that touch each pet
-neck straps will be sanitized in between each pet
-phones will be sanitized in between credit card transactions
-leashes and collars will be sanitized after each groom so we can safely return your pet to you
-our gloves and mask will be sanitized in between each house
-any tool that touches your pet or is exchanged from our hands to you can fit in these UV boxes

The wands: We LOVE these because they can literally cover any surface!

These will be used for:
-our tubs
-our grooming tables
-the floor
-the doors/handles
-our grooming clothes/aprons (which protect the small dogs we carry)
-and everywhere in between!