Imagine never having to load up a dirty pet in your car, drive it to the grooming salon, and then wait hours until it's ready to come home. With mobile grooming, that is possible!

After booking an appointment with us, your job is done! We will show up at your door with our fully self-contained grooming salon on wheels! 

Your pet's grooming will take place inside our comfortable, spacious van, equipped with our own water and electric supply, AC for those hot summer days and heat for Pittsburgh's coldest winter days. We have everything needed to professionally groom any pet. 
If you are wondering, "Is mobile grooming worth the additional cost?”, we'll tell you!

Here are just a few of the many benefits for both you and your pet!  

Convenience. We come to you at your preferred location whether it is at home or work. No more trips back and forth to the grooming salon and no more missed appointments because of bad weather. We offer appointments as needed or on a set schedule. After the first appointment, you don't even have to be home, if you prefer!

Less stress! Every groom is an "express groom". We groom your pet from start-to-finish. They will no longer spend time in a cage surrounded by cats and barking dogs which can be a very scary experience. Instead, we give your pet our full attention.

Safety and cleanliness is our priority. With us, your pet will no longer be subjected to strange or sometimes unfriendly animals. This lessens the risk of illness, stress, discomfort and even potential diseases or injuries.

We strive to keep our salon looking its best no matter if you're our first or last appointment of the day. The van is cleaned in between every visit. We sanitize the tub, table top and all tools used after each family of pets.

Email: | Phone: 412-277-3377 | @PittsburghMobileGrooming on FB & IG