We offer customized services to fit your pets needs and lifestyle. We do not believe in charging extra for things such as specialized shampoos, de-shedding, or filing toenails. To us, any service needed to get the job done good and right should be included! 

Each grooming begins with a full body brushing. This removes any loose hair and allows the shampoo to get through the coat for the best results.

Next, we remove any long hair between the pads of the feet and trim the toenails.
Then, we pluck any extra ear hair and clean the ears thoroughly. We place cotton in the ears to protect them from water.

Now, your dog is ready for the tub! First, we check their anal glands and relieve them if needed. This is optional per clients request/permission.

Then, we shampoo, rinse, and repeat so your dog is sure to be squeaky clean! We use warm water for your pets' comfort. This system, along with washing by hand, helps get rid of any loose hair and massages the shampoo all the way down to the skin. We have many shampoos to choose from. Whether your pet needs a regular shampoo, hypo-allergenic, soothing conditioning, or medicated, it's included in the estimate! 

After the bath, your dog will be towel dried to get all of the excess water off and then completely blow-dried by hand.

Once dry, we have two options. We can brush and de-shed your dog leaving a shiny, tangle free coat, or cut and style your pets' hair based on breed and preference.

Finally, we choose a stylish bandana or bow. We have many options for boys and girls including birthdays, different seasons, holidays, and more!

Because our clients are located in many areas and come in all sizes, breeds, temperaments, and conditions, we do not have set pricing. We provide written estimates via email in response to your new inquiry form prior to booking an appointment.