​​​​Mud Massage Treatments 

Shed Safely Mud: great for those heavy shedders. This mud is enhanced with ingredients such a Borage oil, sugar and maple cane extract, Aloe Vera leaf dried powder, vitamins E, B3 and B5, Zinc, Oatmeal and more! to help treat clogged follicles, remove loose fur and release stubborn undercoat.

Mobility Mud: great for senior pups. This mud contains a nutrient rich hypoallergenic clay and many of the same vitamins and antioxidants listed above. This mud also contains peppermint for penetrating pain relief as well as menthol, which is a local anesthetic that stimulates nerve receptions in the skin to relieve sore muscle and joints.

Soothing Mud: This mud combats canine skin problems such as dry skin, itching, scratching, tenderness, bacteria, hot spots and odors. It is packed with minerals, vitamins, green tea extract, witch hazel, chamomile and lavender oil to promote healthy cell regeneration, ease irritation and hydrate the skin.

​~*Each treatment includes a 10 minute massage and soak. We promise your best friend will thank you!*~

This is an add-on treatment and not included in the base groom. Pricing is based on your pet's schedule, is per dog, and includes a mud of your choice.

Short hair breeds (such as Labs, Boxers, Pit bulls, Pug, etc) under 75lbs

  • Weekly clients ~ one FREE mud treatment per month!
  • Every-other-week clients ~ add a mud treatment for $8 
  • Monthly clients ~ add a mud treatment for $15
  • 5-8 week clients ~ add a mud treatment for $20

Long hair breeds (such as Shih tzus, Shelties, etc) add $5-10

This add-on is for dogs only; these products cannot be used on our feline friends.